India’s First Female Surfer

India is an interesting country. I describe it as an “assault on the senses” since if you find yourself in one of it’s major cities on any given day you will be inundated with seemingly every smell, sight, sound, texture, color and vibration possible.  With over 1 billion people, a fast growing middle class and over 7,000+ kilometers of coastline, it was only a matter of time before surfing found its way to the subcontinent.

We came across Ishita Malaviya through our twitter feed.  She is dubbed “India’s first female surfer” which, if you know anything about public relations, is a great way to get your story out there because the press always eats up “the first” of anything.  However, beyond the snappy nickname there is some interesting depth to her persona and what she is trying to accomplish.  We are particularly interested in her alignment of yoga, surfing and “ecological creativity” which she is utilizing to bring change and hope to local communities.

Incidentally, the “Aum” symbol utilized in the Surf and Abide logo is a Sanskrit symbol with deep philosophical and spiritual connections dating back 1,000s of years from Northern India.  Since surfing is essentially an activity like yoga which focuses the mind on the present, we feel deep resonance with combining surfing, India and yoga.  So, we will keep an eye on Ishita as her path progresses and in the meantime we invite you to visit her project Beyond the Surface here.

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Christian is a former software executive turned bum surfer. Following a decade in the high paced high-tech industry as a founder, executive and attorney he eventually settled in California where you can find him surfing the breaks from Los Angeles to Marin County. Christian has traveled to over 30 countries, studies eastern philosophy and, in addition to riding short and long boards, is also a blue water sailor.

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