RASA BHAVA | A film by Shawn Zappo & Corey Frank

“Wake up Lovers, It is time to start the Journey! Let us kiss the ground & flow like a river towards the Ocean. Only love can lead the way.” – Rumi

‘Rasa Bhava’ is inspired by the ancient Indian theory of aesthetic, art, and the invocation of various emotional states.

This film will take you on a journey where surfing, true Yogic practice, and the beauty of nature interweave as they become ONE.

What each viewer will experience is unique to their own state of mind and perception.

As the director, I’ve tried to subtlety invoke certain emotions, but ultimately I hope the film is open to each viewer’s personal interpretation.

With that intention, I hope you find something that moves you in mind, body, and spirit.

Thank you for taking the time to view this film.

Peace & Blessings
Shawn Zappo

A film by Shawn Zappo & Corey Frank

Director: Shawn Zappo

Cinematography :
Corey Frank
Christor Lukasiewicz
Kevin Doherty
Matt Catalano

Corey Frank
Shawn Zappo


Stephen Triolo
Shawn “Radhakrishna” Zappo
Krishna Sharma
Stephanie Zoppi
Matthew Becker
Pat Schmidt
Domanique Farina
Julie B. “Jayanti” Albert
Robert “Shivanesh” Ryan
Corey Frank
Christie O’Laughlin
Brendan Tighe
Terence Doll
David Sincox
Alex Manso
Brandon Galarza
Lisa Triolo


Kikagaku Mayo

Alice Coltrane & Santana
“Angel of air Angel of water”


Alice Coltrane & Santana
“Angel of sunlight”

Tony Scott
“Shanti Peace”

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Growing up in New Jersey, Shawn discovered and quickly immersed himself in the sub-culture of surfing and skateboarding in the mid 80’s. With a diverse and eclectic background, Shawn has walked the path of a competitive surfer, Hare Krsna monk, action sports industry player in NYC, DIY theology and religions major, and a touring punk rock musician. Now a father and self-proclaimed seeker of the “soul” of surfing, Shawn enjoys sessions with friends at uncrowded peaks along his home state’s shoreline and writing about his surf related experiences.

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