Afternoon Delight

At Surf + Abide, we certainly enjoy the mystique and raw power of professional surfers riding world class waves just like everyone else.  However, we are also big fans of watching normal people riding normal waves, particularly when they are clearly having a good time and when we get a chance to see breaks from around the world.

So, from our friends at HappySoon hailing from Anglet in Southwestern France comes a great video of good friends surfing some decent winter swell.

This crew is  mostly in their late 20’s and they work hard but strive to find time to hit the surf together.  When asked what surfing meant to them they replied that they would most like to see surfing remain a past time that simply allowed people to be happy and where that happiness can be shared with those around them. Sounds like the French approach to life!

They shared this video to show what a winter session looks like in Southwestern France.  Even when the water is cold, you can have a ton of fun particularly since the line ups tend to be empty.  They found this break after a hike through the forest along the coast.

Featured surfers include Bruno Degert, Nono Greciet, Mattin Tisset and Mat Plessis.  They wanted us to give a special shout out to  ION, Picture organic clothing, Woll beer, Pull-in, Mundaka optic, Hurricane, Eric Rougé, Fatlines, CMYK shoes, Blackat hdwr, OnEarz, Greenfix, Vestal and WETTY wetsuit.

Merci Beaucoup!

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Christian is a former software executive turned bum surfer. Following a decade in the high paced high-tech industry as a founder, executive and attorney he eventually settled in California where you can find him surfing the breaks from Los Angeles to Marin County. Christian has traveled to over 30 countries, studies eastern philosophy and, in addition to riding short and long boards, is also a blue water sailor.

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