About Us

Surf & Abide was created for all those who find meaning in the surf.  Surfing draws people from all walks of life: old and young, rich and poor, black and white, male and female.  In the surf, they all blend together. Into the now.  There is something special that draws people to surfing whether as a participant or as an observer on the beach.  That something special is a connection to the ocean, to the planet and to the universe that says “we are not alone and yet we are all one”.  We strive to participate in this idea with you.

Our goals

Our goals are quite simple.  To laugh and smile with others who are drawn to surfing.  To be nice to all whether they are in the line-up or not.  To be one with our environment.  To surf in peace.

Our approach

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Surf In Peace

Our approach is centered on 3 core themes: environment, charity and expanding awareness.

To achieve this, we strive to make certain that all of our products are made with environmentally friendly materials and processes to the greatest extent possible.    Our technology, servers and other energy consuming endeavors are efficient and largely driven by green energy sources.  A percentage of our profits are donated to ocean friendly charities which will be announced through our site as they are made.  Our editorial plan is geared toward expanding access to knowledge.

Our founder

Christian Misvaer

Christian Misvaer

Surf & Abide was founded by Christian Misvaer in late 2012.  Christian spent 15 hard years in the fast-paced technology industry participating in every facet from start-up through IPO and beyond.  After living 10 years in New York City and traveling 100,000+ miles every year around the world for work, Christian sought a simpler life and packed up and moved to California. There he discovered surfing and was instantly drawn into the lifestyle and the idea.

“I was studying meditation, yoga and becoming more aware.  During this time, I was coming to the realization that corporate life was not for me and, quite frankly, was not productive for our species or for our planet.  The first time I caught a wave, everything accelerated and became clear.  It is this idea, this spirit that we want to share. Come join us on the ride”.  – Christian Misvaer

S+A Board

The first Surf + Abide Board.